Where to Find Examples

There are several places where you can find examples that demonstrate how to submit jobs, use Jupyter Notebooks, and use other tools and features that we provide):

  • on Github:
  • on SuperCloud (PLEASE NOTE: when using the examples on SuperCloud you will need to copy them to your home directory):

    • /home/gridsan/<your-user-name>/examples¬† (these are already in your home directory, and there is no need to copy them elsewhere)
    • /home/gridsan/groups/bwedx/teaching-examples
    • /home/gridsan/groups/bwedx/SummerWorkshop2019, includes examples used for workshops.
    • Practical HPC Series has a few different examples each year:
      • /home/gridsan/groups/bwedx/Practical_HPC_2020
      • /home/gridsan/groups/bwedx/Practical_HPC_2021
      • /home/gridsan/groups/bwedx/Practical_HPC_2022
      • /home/gridsan/groups/bwedx/Practical_HPC_2023
    • /usr/local/examples

In addition to these examples, we highly recommend taking the LLx online course Practical HPC. You can access the LLx Online Courses here: https://learn.llx.edly.io/.