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Welcome to the SuperCloud Documentation

The purpose of these pages is to give a quick way to access information about how to use the MIT SuperCloud system.

If you are new to SuperCloud, we recommend starting with the Getting Started Tutorial, which walks you through the content most commonly useful when you are first getting to know SuperCloud.

To navigate the site use the left sidebar to find pages and the right sidebar to find content within a page. The site is searchable by the search bar on the top right. The Index page groups pages by tags so you can easily find pages that discuss similar topics. Getting Help describes how to best ask for help, if you cannot find the answer to your question on this page or on our Frequently Asked Questions page. Finally, we include a Glossary of words that we use in these pages and what we mean when we say them.

Note that SuperCloud has Monthly Downtimes which are scheduled for the Second Tuesday of each month. During downtimes the system is not available. Downtimes usually last about a day and emails are sent when they are complete. We also send out a reminder email a few days before each downtime. If you are not getting these emails, send an email to and we will verify that you are on our mailing list.