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Verifying pMatlab Setup

If you're planning to launch pMatlab jobs on SuperCloud (from a login node or an interactive session on a compute node), then you should run the Param_Sweep example to verify your SuperCloud account configuration.

An easy way to check on potential SuperCloud account pMatlab configuration issues is to run the Param_Sweep example in the examples directory in your SuperCloud home directory.

Verifying your SuperCloud pMatlab Configuration

If you have altered any of the .m files in the Param_Sweep directory, send an email to to get a new copy and then follow the directions below for running the application.

If you have not altered the Param_Sweep files in your example directory,

  • In the terminal that is connected to a login node or compute node, go to the Param_Sweep directory: cd ~/examples/Param_Sweep.
  • Start MATLAB® from the command line: matlab -nodisplay -singleCompThread
  • At the MATLAB® prompt type: RUNv2.
  • You can check the status of your job at the MATLAB® prompt by typing: LLstat.
  • Take note of the name of the compute node that your job is running on by looking at the output of LLstat, in the NODELIST(REASON) column. An example compute node name is a-21-35.
  • When LLstat returns 0, your job is done.
  • Check the output log files to verify the job completed successfully.
    • Exit MATLAB® or use another ssh session's terminal window.
    • Go to the log directory cd ~/examples/Param_Sweep/MatMPI
    • The output log files will be in a directory called p0-p3_<name-of-compute-node> where <name-of-compute-node> is what you saw in the output of LLstat, in the NODELIST(REASON) column. For example, a-21-35.
    • Go into the log file directory and look at the file param_sweep_parallel_v2.0.out. It should look similar to this:
                            < M A T L A B (R) >
                  Copyright 1984-2020 The MathWorks, Inc.
                  R2020a ( 64-bit (glnxa64)
                            February 25, 2020

To get started, type doc.
For product information, visit

LLSC: GRIDMATLAB_MANYCORE is defined. gridMatlab launch is optimized for
many core nodes
>> >> >> >> Time for the host-to-rank map with TMPDIR (sec):


my_rank =
    1.0000         0    2.5000
    2.0000         0    5.0000
    3.0000         0    7.5000
    4.0000         0   10.0000
    5.0000    1.0000   12.5000
    6.0000    1.0000   15.0000
    7.0000    1.0000   17.5000
    8.0000    1.0000   20.0000
    9.0000    2.0000   22.5000
   10.0000    2.0000   25.0000
   11.0000    2.0000   27.5000
   12.0000    2.0000   30.0000
   13.0000    3.0000   32.5000
   14.0000    3.0000   35.0000
   15.0000    3.0000   37.5000
   16.0000    3.0000   40.0000

MANYCORE JOB END: on a-21-35

If you are able to run Param_Sweep and your output looks similar to the above, your SuperCloud pMatlab configuration is correct.

If you are unable to run Param_Sweep or you do not see the similar results, send email to and include the information that you cannot run the application - this indicates to us that something has happened with your pMatlab configuration.