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Getting Help

Additional Documentation

If you haven't found your answer elsewhere in this wiki, you may find it in one of these places:

  • Frequently Asked Questions page answers a number of frequently asked questions
  • The Getting Started page contains articles to help get you started with using SuperCloud
  • You can use the Search box at the top of any page to search our entire website
  • If none of these resources are answering your question, please send us email

Quick Reference Guide

You can find downloadable two-page quick reference guides for SuperCloud here.

LLx Online Courses

You can find helpful online courses about using the LLSC on the LLx Online Course platform.

Practical HPC Course

The Practical HPC course is an introductory course that all SuperCloud users should take. The course:

  • Includes an introduction to HPC, canonical HPC Workflows, and the SuperCloud system.
  • Walks you through setting up your account, installing software, running your first test job, submitting your first batch job.
  • Describes how to scale up efficiently and measure your performance.


If none of these resources are answering your question, please contact us at This mailing list includes the entire team, so the best available person to answer your question will respond. Sending email to the entire team will also likely get you the fastest response.

In this email, please provide, where applicable:

  • The Operating System you are using (for ssh key troubleshooting)
  • Description of your issue or request
  • The command that you used to launch your job
  • Job ID(s)
  • What you tried
  • The full error message you are receiving
  • Any supporting files (code, submission scripts, screenshots, etc)

Please also copy in all of your correspondence with us. Including in all of your emails to us keeps the entire team in the loop with regard to your questions and issues.

Office Hours

We also host weekly office hours. A reminder email is sent out weekly with the exact location and time. If you would like to attend office hours and don't think you are getting these reminder emails, please emailĀ

SuperCloud Office hours are also listed on the ORCD webpage: The office hours are listed under:

  • HPC Help Office Hours
  • HPC Help Virtual Office Hours